Help 2001 Game Pack

This is the “Help 2001” game pack, released by Entertainment Software Charity (e.s.c.).

The bundle consists of a big cardboard sleeve holding the four games “TOCA Touring Car Championship”, “Tomb Raider”, “WWF War Zone” and “Ridge Racer Revolution”. A text on the front cover declares that “ALL PROFITS FROM THE SALE OF THIS PACK WILL GO TO HELP DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN”.

“Help 2001” can be quite hard to find nowadays, so if you see one for sale, grab it immediately!



Here we have a sealed copy of the “asciiPad” from ASCIIWare. It is not in the best condition, but finding one complete with the box is actually quite difficult nowadays.

2 Hits à Prix Cadeau! Game Pack

This is a very rare French game pack which I had never seen before I found this sealed copy.

It is called “2 Hits à Prix Cadeau!” and contains the games “Racing Simulation – Monaco Grand Prix” and “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six”, bundled together in a cardboard sleeve with its own barcode.

A great add to the collection!

Formula One 99 Limited Edition

Here we have a really nice limited edition, released in France only.

It contains the game “Formula One 99”, a white “Formula One 99” t-shirt and a “Formula One 99” cap.

You can find this pack quite often on ebay, but sometimes you will have to wait months before it turns up. My copy is new and sealed.

Gamate Console Variant

I have finally found a complete copy of this extremely rare variant of the Gamate console! The most noticeable difference between this unit and the more common one, is that the D-pad and the built-in speaker got a different look. Before, I had only seen a photo of the box for this variant, but never ever saw it for sale.

The pack consists of a Gamate console, the game “Witty Apee” in a plastic folder, stereo headphones, English instructions for the console, English instructions for the game and a paper sheet with Swedish instructions for the console on one side and a manual for “Witty Apee” on the other.

Except that the box has this rare version of the Gamate console depicted on it, also the game card, the Swedish instructions and the English console manual has it, as you can see on the images.

Treasure Planet Press Kit

This is a combined Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 press kit.

It contains the promo versions of the game “Disney´s Treasure Planet” for the both consoles, a press information CD-ROM and a DVD called “The Making of Disney´s Treasure Planet – The Game”.

One of the more common and less expensive kits out there.

Maximum Force + Light Gun Bundle

Here we have the most rare gun pack of them all.

It is a French exclusive release and contains a copy of the game “Maximum Force”, a black light gun with instruction paper and a grey adapter.

This bundle is very hard to find, but not necessarily very expensive.