[PS1/PS2] Treasure Planet Press Kit

This is a combined Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 press kit.

It contains the promo versions of the game “Disney´s Treasure Planet” for the both consoles, a press information CD-ROM and a DVD called “The Making of Disney´s Treasure Planet – The Game”.

One of the more common and less expensive kits out there.


[PS2] Playstation 2 SCPH-39004

This is a European Playstation 2 console, model SCPH-39004. Included in the pack are: four instruction manuals in different languages, scart cable, power cord, “Dual Shock 2” controller, demo disc and a register brochure.

This is a quite common object.

[PS2] Playstation 2 Vertical Stand & Horizontal Stand

Here we have the two different official stands for the first PS2 console model. These are the PAL versions and should not be all too hard to find boxed.

[PS2] Tekken 4 Press Kit

This press kit is actually quite rare, but when found, it can often be bought for an affordable price.

It comes with the original “Tekken 4” game, a press information CD-ROM (both discs with paper covers glued on top), a scroll (which I have never opened) and two chinese exercise balls.

A great kit for a “Tekken” collector like myself.