[PS1] Rapid Racer Commemorative Disc

Here we have a limited edition of the game “Rapid Racer”. It was given away as a gift to the staff at Sony to celebrate the production of the 50 millionth European Playstation disc.

The disc has the following text printed on it: “Limited Edition to Celebrate Production of the 50 Millionth European Playstation CD” and comes in a totally black music-CD style case with a Playstation hologram sticker. No instruction manual is supossed to be included.

Commemorative discs are always hard to find and could be quite expensive as well.


[PS1] Formula One 99 Limited Edition

Here we have a really nice limited edition, released in France only.

It contains the game “Formula One 99”, a white “Formula One 99” t-shirt and a “Formula One 99” cap.

You can find this pack quite often on ebay, but sometimes you will have to wait months before it turns up. My copy is new and sealed.

[PS1] Tomb Raider Collectors Edition

“Tomb Raider Collectors Edition” was released in Australia and New Zealand exclusively, with a limited number of 10 000 copies.

The box is really good looking and contains the three first Tomb Raider games in special designed DVD cases. However, the games are oddly enough cheap re-releases. “Tomb Raider” and “Tomb Raider II” are Eidos Ricochet versions, while “Tomb Raider III – Adventures of Lara Croft” is the Platinum edition.

Due to the high release number of this object, it is quite common and should not be all too expensive to buy.

[PS1] Wild 9 Limited Edition

One of the more common and not so expensive limited editions out there.

This is the U.K version, but I know there exists at least one more variant of this and that is a multi-language one.

The big cardboard box contains the original “Wild 9” game and a white Playstation T-shirt.

[PS1] The Hoobs Playtime Gift Pack

Correct me if I´m wrong, but I think “The Hoobs Playtime Gift Pack” is a New Zealand/Australian exclusive limited edition. The game disc comes in a music-CD style case, a concept I have only seen for other New Zealand/Australian releases, like “Blue´s Clues: Blue´s Big Musical”. On the otherhand there are multi-language on the back of the cardboard box, so I´m not entirely sure. The disc case back has “Not to be sold separately” written on it.

The box contains, except for the game itself, a character from the TV-show as a plush toy. I have never seen this limited edition packed with any other figure than this green one.

You can find this collectors item on ebay from time to time, and is often not too expensive to get your hands on.

[PS1] World Cup 98 Limited Edition – EA Sports Fan Edition

A brand new and sealed copy of “World Cup 98 Limited Edition”. This box set contains tournament wall chart & rules, red & yellow cards, a penalty blindfold, a disposable FUJI camera and a rubber remote control.

A great limited edition, loaded with stuff! I have seen a couple of these on ebay and they seem to catch quite high prices and even more expensive when sealed.

[PS1] Spider-Man Limited Edition

“Spider-Man Limitierte Sonderedition/Limited Edition”. A gem in my collection.

I think this is a German exclusive release, at least I have never seen another variant of it. The box contains the game itself, a T-shirt and a comic.

There are a couple of known copies in the hand of other collectors, but it rarely turns up for sale, so when I saw this one I grabbed it immediately. It was quite expensive, but the condition is really good. The game and the T-shirt are still sealed and the comic looks untouched.