[PS1] Maximum Force + Light Gun Bundle

Here we have the most rare gun pack of them all.

It is a French exclusive release and contains a copy of the game “Maximum Force”, a black light gun with instruction paper and a grey adapter.

This bundle is very hard to find, but not necessarily very expensive.


[PS1] Die Hard Trilogy 2 + Scorpion Bundle

This bundle is a French exclusive release. Just like the first “Die Hard Trilogy” gun pack, it could be quite tricky to find.

The box contains a French copy of the “Die Hard Trilogy 2” game, a “Scorpion – Recoil Light Gun” with instructions and a “G-Con” adapter.

[PS1] Time Crisis + G-Con45 Bundle

This gun pack contains the game “Time Crisis”, “G-Con45”, an adapter for the light gun and a flyer from Namco. “Not to be sold separately” is printed on the disc case back cover and the instruction booklet is multi-language.

The second most common gun bundle on ebay!

[PS1] G-Con45 + Ghoul Panic + Point Blank 2 Bundle

This is a quite unusual gun pack. The box, which actually is the “Point Blank 2 + G-Con45” bundle, has a big sticker on it that covers its frontside saying: “G-Con45 + Ghoul Panic + Point Blank 2”. A barcode sticker covers the original one on the back of the box.

Except for the two games and the light gun, the bundle contains a Playstation “AV Adaptor” and some instruction leaflets. Both games are the multi-language variants, but only “Point Blank 2” has the “Not to be sold separately” text printed on the disc case back cover.

I think this pack is a Dutch exclusive release, at least I bought my copy in Amsterdam and have never heard of any other collector who have found this in another country.

[PS1] Point Blank 2 + G-Con45 Bundle

This is the second gun pack from Namco in the “Point Blank” series. It contains the “Point Blank 2” game, “G-Con45” and a light gun adapter. The disc case has “Not to be sold separately” printed on its back and the instruction booklet is multi-language.

I think this bundle is a little bit more uncommon than the first “Point Blank” gun set and therefore tends to go for slightly more money on ebay.

[PS1] Point Blank + G-Con45 Bundle

This box set from Namco contains the game “Point Blank”, “G-Con45” and an adapter for the light gun. The case for the disc has the text “Not to be sold separately” written on its back and the instruction booklet is multi-language.

It turns up on ebay once in a while and will probably cost you between £30-£100, depending on its condition.

[PS1] Time Crisis – Project Titan + G-Con45 Bundle

This is by far the most common gun pack out there.

The box contains “Time Crisis – Project Titan”, the “G-Con45” and an adapter for the light gun. My copy of this bundle has the Scandinavian variant of the game in it and a sticker on the front of the cardboard box which says “Includes Swedish instructions”.

You can almost always find this pack on ebay and it is often pretty cheap by comparison with the other Namco “G-Con45” bundles.