Playstation Analog Joystick

The official Playstation analog joystick is a massive controller, mainly designed for flight simulation games and such.

Small rubber suckers, which could be put beneath the controller to make it steady, are included in a plastic bag with instructions.

This apparatus is quite uncommon with the box and the cost for it should be around £50-£150 depending on the condition.

Sphere 360°

This is a complete copy of the “Sphere 360°” controller from ASCII. It comes in a nice looking box that contains the controller, information and instruction papers and a “Sphere 360°” training disc.

The PAL version, which my copy of course is, seems to be a bit more uncommon than the NTSC one.

Playstation Memory Card White

Official white-coloured “Memory Card” in a blister pack. There are tons of these in different colours on ebay, but make sure you get a European version if you are a PAL collector like me. On most official hardware you can often see this on the letter “E” that is printed after the product number, in this case “SCPH-1020 EW”. The “E” stands for Europe and the “W” stands for white which is the colour of the card.

Playstation Mouse

The official Playstation “Mouse”. A white Playstation mouse pad is included in the box.

Quite common hardware.

Playstation Memory Card

This is the official Playstation “Memory Card”, boxed and with instructions. The card and the sticker for it, are still sealed.

Can be found on ebay all the time!

ASCII Grip Controller

This is the “Grip” controller from ASCII. It is designed to be managed by just one hand and was marketed as the “RPG controller” back in the days.

My copy is complete with box, controller and instructions. Not particularly rare or expensive.

Playstation Controller

The original Playstation “Controller”, complete with box and instruction papers. Should not be too difficult to get hold of.