[PS1] asciiPad

Here we have a sealed copy of the “asciiPad” from ASCIIWare. It is not in the best condition, but finding one complete with the box is actually quite difficult nowadays.


[PS1] Namco Arcade Stick

Here we have a boxed copy of the “Arcade Stick” from Namco.

The controller is not so rare, but highly sought after, since it is considered to be one of the best made arcade sticks that was manufactured for the Playstation 1.

[PS1] Playstation Dual Shock Analog Controller Diamond Black

This is a European, Diamond Black coloured “Dual Shock” analog controller for the Playstation 1.

There are plenty of these on ebay, in many different colours. A boxed copy should not be all too hard to find.

[PS1] Arcade Stick

This is the “Arcade Stick” from ASCIIWare. It is much more uncommon than the “Specialized Joystick”, especially with the box.

[PS1] Specialized Joystick

The “Specialized Joystick” from ASCIIWare is not very hard to find boxed and not so expensive either.

[PS1] Playstation Analog Joystick

The official Playstation analog joystick is a massive controller, mainly designed for flight simulation games and such.

Small rubber suckers, which could be put beneath the controller to make it steady, are included in a plastic bag with instructions.

This apparatus is quite uncommon with the box and the cost for it should be around £50-£150 depending on the condition.

[PS1] Sphere 360°

This is a complete copy of the “Sphere 360°” controller from ASCII. It comes in a nice looking box that contains the controller, information and instruction papers and a “Sphere 360°” training disc.

The PAL version, which my copy of course is, seems to be a bit more uncommon than the NTSC one.