[PS1] Dancing Stage Party Edition + Dance Mat Bundle

Here we have a Platinum copy of “Dancing Stage Party Edition”, bundled with a dance mat from Logic3. A sticker on the cardboard box declares: “Dancing Stage Party Edition included with this product”.

I had never seen this game + dance mat combination before.


[PS1] Dance Europe + Dance Mat Bundle

This bundle contains the game “Dance Europe” and a dance mat with instructions.

The design of this pack has a different look than its British counterpart “Dance: UK” + dance mat bundle, which is basically just the original dance mat box with a sticker on.

It should not be all too difficult to find a copy of this bundle on ebay.

[PS1] Dance: UK + Dance Mat Bundle

This pack consists of the game “Dance: UK”, a dance mat with instructions and a registration card. A white sticker on the front of the box declares that it: “ALSO INCLUDES – PSONE DANCE UK SOFTWARE”.

You can find this bundle on ebay very often.

[PS1] Dancing Stage EuroMix + Dance Mat Bundle

Here we have a sealed copy of a quite rare controller pack from Konami.

The bundle contains the English version of the game “Dancing Stage EuroMix” and a Konami dance mat.

I know that there also are French and Italian variants of this pack and I suspect there is a German version as well.

[PS1] Beatmania + Turntable Bundle

Here we have the music game “Beatmania” packed together with a special controller. The controller has the shape of a mini turntable and is designed specifically for the game.

A common and not so expensive edition that you can find on ebay almost any day!

[PS1] Ridge Racer Type 4 + JogCon Bundle

Here we have a really nice set. The original “Ridge Racer Type 4” game bundled together with the “JogCon” controller, in a thick cardboard box. The disc case has “Not to be sold separately” written on its back and also contains the “Ridge Racer Hi-Spec Demo”.

My copy is new, so the controller is still in its packaging as you can see on the image.

This edition turns up on ebay very often and is mostly quite cheap.

[PS1] Puchi Carat + Controller Bundle

This edition of “Puchi Carat” is pretty common. There is almost always a copy listed on ebay and often quite cheap to get.

The bundle contains the game and a special designed green controller. My copy is brand new and sealed.