Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped + CD Case Bundle

Combo packs are really rare objects, so I had some luck when I found this one on ebay.

The pack contains the game “Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped” and an official Playstation CD case, bundled together in a cardboard box.

Prepare for a long hunt if you are after one of these rather expensive items.


Die Hard Trilogy 2 + Scorpion Bundle

This bundle is a French exclusive release. Just like the first “Die Hard Trilogy” gun pack, it could be quite tricky to find.

The box contains a French copy of the “Die Hard Trilogy 2” game, a “Scorpion – Recoil Light Gun” with instructions and a “G-Con” adapter.

Disruptor German Cardboard Sleeve Edition

This is a really rare edition of the game “Disruptor”.

It is the normal German double case variant, equipped with an extra cardboard sleeve that features a teddy bear and ratings from magazines as box art.

There is supposed to be a French release of this edition as well, but I have never seen any pictures of it, so I am not sure it exists.

Snowman Legend

Here we have a complete copy of the Gamate game “Snowman Legend”. It is the version with English box text and instructions.

Like always, it is hard to find complete Gamate games that are not Italian GIG-editions. However, “Snowman Legend” seems to turn up quite frequently on ebay. Maybe two or three times a year.

Enchanted Bricks

Normally, the English variant of “Enchanted Bricks” is one of the less uncommon games for the Gamate. However, this copy comes with the game cartridge that has the rare Gamate variant console depicted on its back. This makes it much more uncommon.

Here we have it with the box, cartridge, dust cover, English manual and a Swedish instruction paper.

Bomb Blaster Swedish Variant

This is a quite funny Swedish variant of the Gamate game “Bomb Blaster”.

The original box art is covered by a sticker, which actually much better illustrates how the game really looks like, compared to the original one.

I have no idea why PlayMix, the company that was importing Gamate to Sweden, decided to make a new front cover for the game. Anyway, they created an extremely rare variant, by doing so.

What makes this copy even more uncommon, is that the game cartridge has the rare Gamate variant console depicted on its back, as you can see on the image.

Except for the English manual, also a Swedish instruction paper is included.


This is a complete copy of the game “Boom!” for Gamate. The box text and manual are in English.

Finding complete Gamate games is always hard, especially if you are avoiding the Italian GIG-versions, like I do.

“Boom!” is one of the more common titles out there, but when talking Gamate, common still means it is rare.