Dancing Stage EuroMix + Dance Mat Bundle

Here we have a sealed copy of a quite rare controller pack from Konami.

The bundle contains the English version of the game “Dancing Stage EuroMix” and a Konami dance mat.

I know that there is also a French variant of this pack and I suspect there is a German version as well.


Hidden & Dangerous + Memory Card Bundle

This is for me, a previously unknown game + memory card edition, which I believe was released exclusively in France.

The bundle contains a French copy of the game “Hidden & Dangerous” and a 1 Mb Memory Card from Joytech. A barcode sticker is placed on the outside of the blister pack to cover the original barcode for the game.

A really rare object, but not necessarily so expensive.

Namco Arcade Stick

Here we have a boxed copy of the “Arcade Stick” from Namco.

The controller is not so rare, but highly sought after, since it is considered to be one of the best made arcade sticks that was manufactured for the Playstation 1.

Tomb Raider Collectors Edition

“Tomb Raider Collectors Edition” was released in Australia and New Zealand exclusively, with a limited number of 10 000 copies.

The box is really good looking and contains the three first Tomb Raider games in special designed DVD cases. However, the games are oddly enough cheap re-releases. “Tomb Raider” and “Tomb Raider II” are Eidos Ricochet versions, while “Tomb Raider III – Adventures of Lara Croft” is the Platinum edition.

Due to the high release number of this object, it is quite common and should not be all too expensive to buy.


Playstation Dual Shock Analog Controller Diamond Black

This is a European, Diamond Black coloured “Dual Shock” analog controller for the Playstation 1.

There are plenty of these on ebay, in many different colours. A boxed copy should not be all too hard to find.

Gamate Variant

This is a very rare variant of the Gamate console. The most noticeable difference between this unit and the more common one, is that the D-pad and the built-in speaker got a different look. I have seen a picture of the box for this variant, but never ever seen it for sale.

The pack consists of a Gamate variant console, the game “Witty Apee” in a plastic folder, English instructions for the console, English instructions for the game and a paper sheet with Swedish instructions.

I am pretty confident that the game and the console came in the one and same bundle because of the Swedish instrcution paper, which has the console manual on one side and instructions for “Witty Apee” on the other. The game card, the Swedish instructions and the English instructions all have the Gamate variant pictured on them.


Collecting Gamate is a really hard task, especially if you, just like me, are avoiding the Italian GIG-versions which are much more common than the ones with English boxes and manuals. Then we have the later UMC releases, most of them only released in Asia, which are even more difficult to find. If you are interested in collecting Gamate, I highly recommend these two sites for detailed information about the system: http://s4.zetaboards.com/PGC_Forums/topic/9731388/1/ and http://fuji.drillspirits.net/gamate/

Here we have a new and complete (except for the batteries) copy of the Gamate console. The pack contains a Gamate unit, the game “Cube-Up” in a plastic folder, stereo headphones and instructions for the console and the game.

This item is very hard to find. There are almost always some GIG-versions out on ebay, but the English versions rarely turns up for sale.