[PS1] Syphon Filter 3 Press Kit

Here we have a copy of the “Syphon Filter 3” press kit.

The cardboard folder, which has a magnetic seal, contains the game disc, a press information CD-ROM and some written information about the game.

This kit is quite common and not very expensive.


[GAMATE] Kung-Fu Fighter Blister Pack

Here we have a sealed copy of the Gamate game “Kung-Fu Fighter” in a blister pack from the Swiss Gamate importer Uranium.

The box for the game has English text and comes with English, German and French instructions, according to the backside of the blister pack.

These editions are very hard to find.

[GAMATE] Bomb Blaster Blisterpack

Here is a really nice edition of the Gamate game “Bomb Blaster”. Uranium, the company that distributed Gamate in Switzerland, decided to release the games in these awesome multi-language blister packs.

The box for the game is the English version and I suspect that along with the English instruction booklet, there are also instructions in German and French.

These editions are very hard to find and are even more rare than normal English variant Gamate games. My copy is new and sealed.

[PS1] Dance Europe + Dance Mat Bundle

This bundle contains the game “Dance Europe” and a dance mat with instructions.

The design of this pack has a different look than its British counterpart “Dance: UK” + dance mat bundle, which is basically just the original dance mat box with a sticker on.

It should not be all too difficult to find a copy of this bundle on ebay.

[PS1] Dance: UK + Dance Mat Bundle

This pack consists of the game “Dance: UK”, a dance mat with instructions and a registration card. A white sticker on the front of the box declares that it: “ALSO INCLUDES – PSONE DANCE UK SOFTWARE”.

You can find this bundle on ebay very often.

[PS1] Playstation SCPH-1002 C

Here we have a Playstation “SCPH-1002 C” console bundle. The “C” means that the contents of this pack are adapted to European countries, others than U.K. British bundles have instead the letter “B” after the serial number while Australian/New Zealand packs have an “A”.

The box contains a Playstation “SCPH-1002” unit, power and AV cords, an original controller, instruction manuals for the console and a guarantee paper. A “Demo 1” is supossed to be in this bundle as well, but since I am not 100% sure of which version it should be, I have chosen not to include one in the pictures.

You can find this pack quite often on ebay, but expect it to be a little bit more expensive than later Playstation models.

[GAMATE] Money Maze

Here we have a complete copy of the Gamate game “Money Maze”.

It has English text on the box, an instruction booklet in English and an instruction paper in Swedish.

This is a really uncommon version of the game since it has the rare Gamate console on the back of the cartridge, as you can see on the image.