Treasure Planet Press Kit

This is a combined Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 press kit.

It contains the promo versions of the game “Disney´s Treasure Planet” for the both consoles, a press information CD-ROM and a DVD called “The Making of Disney´s Treasure Planet – The Game”.

One of the more common and less expensive kits out there.


Tekken 3 Press Kit

The “Tekken 3” press kit is a pretty common item, but tends to catch quite high prices nowadays.

It contains the “Tekken 3” game, a press information CD-ROM, a folder with information about the characters (which is connected to the sleeve for the press disc) and a pamphlet with the background story of the game.

A really good looking kit which should not be too hard to find, as there is always atleast one copy up on ebay.