Playstation Analog Joystick

The official Playstation analog joystick is a massive controller, mainly designed for flight simulation games and such.

Small rubber suckers, which could be put beneath the controller to make it steady, are included in a plastic bag with instructions.

This apparatus is quite uncommon with the box and the cost for it should be around £50-£150 depending on the condition.

Games With Cardboard Cases

These four games are the only standard Playstation 1 titles that were released in cardboard cases.

“Tekken”, “Total NBA `97” and “Warhawk” were also released in normal jewel cases, but I have never seen “Mortal Kombat 3” in any other variant.

“Total NBA `97” is a bit different from the others. It has blue as basic colour and a piece of basketball rubber glued to the front cover.

None of these games are particularly rare or will cost you much money.

Playstation Console Case

This is a copy of the official Playstation console case. Just like the official CD case, it could be quite tricky to find it boxed.

Playstation CD Case

The official Playstation CD case is a very common item. However, it is a little bit harder to find it with its box.

Victory Boxing 2 Limited Launch Pack

This is a very rare launch pack of “Victory Boxing 2”. The red plastic box has the shape of a boxing glove and the content is revealed by pulling off the yellow cardboard sheet on its back.

According to the seller of this item, this pack was handed out to video game retailers for the launch of the game. The bundle contains a “Victory Boxing 2” demo disc, instruction leaflet and a mouthguard in a plastic box with instruction manual.

This launch pack was totally unknown for me before I found this copy on ebay.

Time Crisis + G-Con45 Bundle

This gun pack contains the game “Time Crisis”, “G-Con45”, an adapter for the light gun and a flyer from Namco. “Not to be sold separately” is printed on the disc case back cover and the instruction booklet is multi-language.

The second most common gun bundle on ebay!

Sphere 360°

This is a complete copy of the “Sphere 360°” controller from ASCII. It comes in a nice looking box that contains the controller, information and instruction papers and a “Sphere 360°” training disc.

The PAL version, which my copy of course is, seems to be a bit more uncommon than the NTSC one.